English Romantic Classics (Barbara Owen)

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A collection of nineteen English romantic classics for organ, compiled and edited by Barbara Owen.

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A Four Part Melody, Thomas Kilner
Air with Variations, Elizabeth Stirling
Allegretto Pastorale, W. T. Best
Canon, W. Battison Haynes
Communion on the Hymn Tune “Irish”, Basil Harwood
Concluding Voluntary, T. A. Walmisley
Festal Song, John E. West
Lament, John E. West
March in G, Henry Smart
Melody, Charles Stokes
On a Theme of Orlando Gibbons, C. V. Stanford
Pastorale, William Russell
Three Chorale Preludes, W. T. Best (London, St. Bride, Halifax)
Voluntary in A Minor, Henry Smart
Voluntary in G, Henry Smart

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