The Passion According to St. Matthew (Johann Sebastian Bach)


Standard edition of Bach’s famous masterpiece.

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Vocal (choral) score with piano accompaniment
Text (lyrics) in English
Edited by H. W. Nicholl
Published by G. Schirmer Inc.
Dist. by Hal Leonard
219 pages
Condition: New


  • Come, ye daughters (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Ah, dearest Jesu (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Not upon the feast (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • To what purpose (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Grief and pain (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Bleed and break (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Where wilt thou (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • ‘Tis I, my sin (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Lord, to Thee my heart (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Remember me, my Saviour (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • I’ll stand here close (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Ah, woe! (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • I would be with my Jesus (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Gladly will I take (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • What God hath willed (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Alas, my Jesus (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • O man, bewail (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Ah! now is my Jesus gone (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • So has the world (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Be still (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Who was it so did strike (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Thy mercy, Lord (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Have I Also From Thee (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Give me back my Jesus (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Entrust thy ways (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Now upon that feast (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • What wonders rare (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • For love now is my Saviour (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Is my weeping (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • O Head so sorely (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Come, blessed Cross (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Haste ye! (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • When comes my hour (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Come, my heart (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 
  • Here bide we still (Bach-St.Matthew Passion) 


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